Ondulati Ed Imballagi Del Friuli

Ripresa Aerea ODF

Ondulati ed Imballaggi del Friuli S.p.A. is a family run company specialized in the production of all kind of corrugated cardboard packaging. Strengthened by its experience, the company offers to its customers consultancy, quality and innovation, studying tailored solutions up to every need.

The group launches the Green Solutions project. Not only packaging, but solutions which coat (and protect) your products complying with the sustainability principles and the respect of the environment.

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Every single product is a project for us. Our mission is supply packaging material following the principles of technical performance, raw material optimization and attention to the environmental impact.


Sustainable development
Circular economy
Ondulati Ed Imballagi Del Friuli Own Specificity
Own specificity

Top quality raw materials and products, continuous research and development of advanced solutions have enabled us to create a full range of products such as High Quality printing boxes, Displays, Ready Made Pallet®, Protections, Fillers and Dove Vuoi pizza boxes.

Ondulati Ed Imballagi Del Friuli Own Specificity