I.C.O. Industria Cartone Ondulato S.r.l.

Stab Pianella
ICO is the only Italian privately owned business fully integrated.
In its three plants in Southern Italy, it produces paper board reels from paper and board for recycling, contributing to the waste recycling rate of the area. Thanks to the invesment in new technologies and processes digitalization, ICO can supply its customers with any kind of flute, from the traditional to the extra-thin ones; it guarantees perfect printability thanks to extra flat sheet production capability; and it can supply high definition printed boxes and sheets in any production batch, thanks to the combination of digital and flexo printing technology.

ICO offers its boxes focusing on product and service quality, thus guaranteeing production flexibility, tailor made product development, and just in time delivery.

I.C.O. Industria Cartone Ondulato S.r.l.

Every single product is a project for us. Our mission is supply packaging material following the principles of technical performance, raw material optimization and attention to the environmental impact.


Sustainable development
Circular economy
Ondulati Ed Imballagi Del Friuli Own Specificity
Own specificity

Top quality raw materials and products, continuous research and development of advanced solutions have enabled us to create a full range of products such as High Quality printing boxes, Displays, Ready Made Pallet®, Protections, Fillers and Dove Vuoi pizza boxes.

Ondulati Ed Imballagi Del Friuli Own Specificity