Sustainable development

  • Sustainable development is at the heart of the activities of our companies and determine how our group of companies think and act.
  • Packaging and displays are manufactured from renewable and recyclable materials, with the maximum possible use of recovered papers.
  • All the companies of EPT are FSC® certified and offers to their clients the possibility of demonstrating their ecologically responsible policy through the documented use of FSC® certified materials. They preserve the natural resources by using renewable ones, producing materials neutral to the environment.


  • The innovation values of the partners are common and focus as well as our production processes on attractiveness on the facing, security of shippings, eco-design and hygiene.
  • Each of the three companies have an approved know-how in their fields of expertise. Offering solutions that respond to current problems while bringing the values of eco-design, optimization and customer excellence remains a priority for the groupe.

Circular economy

  • To preserve natural resources, the EPT companies develop their approach to the preservation of natural resources by using renewable resources for the production of paper for corrugated and to recycle the maximum or their paper and corrugated use.