Cartonajes VIR

Cartonajes VIR is an asturian family company that provides cardboard solutions in designing, making and delivery packaging; that’s our mission.

We make about 50 million boxes per year. We have our own design department, vehicle fleet and maintenance crew taking care of one corrugated cardboard laminator and six different lines of production in the converting area. Together with our production, commercial and administration team, we care for our customers providing them all kind of packaging models, including flexo or digital printing, single and double facers with all types of recycled papers, slotted cases, flat and rotary die-cutting and also exclusive and singular hand-made models. We have an EFQM 400+ certification, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and we have been recently honoured with the “Best Asturian Company Award” and the “Family Business Award”.

Sustainable Development
Circular Economy

Distinctive Features

We design, manufacture and deliver more than 50 million cases a year .Our products are organic and sustainable . We offer quality and innovative packaging solutions

Cartonajes Vir S.A.

Polígono de Meres s/n 33199

Meres  – Siero
(Asturias) España

(+34) 985 79 27 80


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