Panther Packaging

The Panther Group consists of several modern companies operating as a team under Panther Packaging’s overall direction. Our sites are located at strategically important places in Germany. Close to the border, to supply “made by Panther” quality to the neighbouring countries as well.

The company provides packaging and displays, not only with special visual effects, but also with special functional qualities: non-slip, fragrant, watertight etc.

A German family business

Panther Packaging – specialized operations which supply the European market with corrugated board, preprint products, packaging, displays and various services from locations nationwide. The Panther Packaging Group is a private enterprise and this has proved its worth! Our strategy focuses on the development of innovations and the creation of synergies for the benefit of our customers. This implies continued development and requires the highest degree of flexibility, features which we maintain through flat hierarchies, a decentralised organisation and on site decision makers. In spite of our size, modern techniques and new standards are quickly assimilated and have immediate and direct effect as a result of our well-defined operational structures and unequivocal areas of competence. Our equipment and training are therefore always at the cutting edge. In addition, through innovative programmes implemented across the whole group, we actively encourage the commitment of our employees and provide the necessary fertile ground for creative potential. At Panther, a high level of willingness to make new investments is backed up by the promotion of visions and an innovative spirit. Against this background we inject life into our business relationships and, as a trusted partner, who is always one step ahead, we are always there to support our customers.

Sustainable Development
Circular Economy

Distinctive Features

Panther Packaging has been producing corrugated-board packaging for more than a century. As a result of the development of new sites and continual expansion in associated market sectors we have now established a unique performance spectrum. Panther Packaging offers a range of products and services which extends from corrugated-board production to flexo-postprinting and flexo-preprinting, offset and digital printing, packaging, displays, assembly and logistics from a single source including a multitude of packaging-related products and services. From the corrugated board we produce packaging, displays and point-of-sale elements. All relevant printing processes are available to us for the economical production of outstanding graphics on any given product. All of these services can be accessed by our customers from a single source. They are based on proven know-how and on our special talent for identifying and establishing synergies

Panther Packaging GmbH & Co. KG

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D 25436 Tornesch – GERMANY

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